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Nazzy has no regrets about skipping Olympics

From the Vancouver Sun:

NO REGRETS: Canuck captain Markus Naslund is not second-guessing his decision to skip the Olympics despite the fact Sweden has reached the gold medal final against arch-rival Finland.

Naslund, who was hobbled for two months by a hip flexor/groin problem, opted for rest over risking further injury and now feels healthy after three consecutive practices this week.

"I wanted to be at the Olympics all along," Naslund said Friday. "I knew Sweden was going to have a team that had a shot at the gold. That's what made the decision even tougher. But I'm happy with what came out of it because I'm feeling a lot better. I can't turn back now."

Naslund was a member of the 2002 Swedish team that was shockingly upset by Belarus in the quarter-final round. The Swedish media subsequently carved up the players into tiny little morsels. Presumably, they are happier today.

"It would definitely be a huge thing if we won the gold," Naslund continued. "Anytime you win when all the best players in the world are competing, it says a lot for the team."

Me thinks it was the right decision.
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